Microsoft on Tuesday announced that Skype Translator Preview is available for everyone to use. Skype Translator was introduced to the world a year ago as a new solution that provides real-time translations while two people are talking to one another, and the preview finally launched in December.

It allows some incredible real-time conversations to take place without any sort of language barrier. You might be having a video chat with a colleague in Spain, who is speaking in fluent Spanish, while you reply back English. The system translates everything in real-time for you. Skype Translator, in that aforementioned voice scenario, works in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Italian. It also supports 50 instant messaging languages, Microsoft said.

You can check out the Skype Translator Preview by downloading the Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 app on your PC or tablet direct from the Windows Store. Microsoft said it’s working to expand languages and to offer support on “relevant platforms,” in the future.