Microsoft has released a new Skype beta for the Windows 10 Mobile preview that makes its communication platform a major part of the next-generation smartphone OS by replacing the stock messaging client.

The new Skype beta is actually two apps; Microsoft has split messaging and video into separate, standalone clients that hope to play a significant role in Windows 10 Mobile.

Skype Messaging replaces the default SMS app to put all of your messages in one place, allowing you to seamlessly communicate via SMS, MMS, and instant message without switching between multiple apps.

Skype Video becomes Microsoft's answer to Apple's FaceTime, but it's more than just a video messaging client. According to the app's description, it also facilitates traditional voice calls, too, replacing Windows 10 Mobile's stock phone app.

"It's unclear if Microsoft intended to release these beta apps to the public (there was no official announcement), but for now, the accompanying full Windows 10 apps are not available to download," reports The Verge.

Microsoft's plan, however, is to make the new Skype apps universally available across all Windows 10 devices, giving users access to their messages and calls on their laptop, PC, and tablet as well as on their smartphone.