Windows 8.1 is officially going to ship to consumers on Oct. 17, that much we already know. And we swear we already knew that Skype was going to come bundled with it. Maybe it came to us in a dream, but Microsoft re-confirmed that today on its Windows Experience Blog.

Skype isn't the only software that will come pre-installed, of course – 20 different applications will launch with Windows 8.1. Most are your standard fare, though, including Internet Explorer, SkyDrive,, Music, Games, Bing Finance, Bing Travel, Bing Sports, Bing News, Mail, People, Video and more.

Microsoft acquired Skype in 2010 for $8.5 billion, so it only makes sense that it finally ships built-in to the company's operating system. The VoIP service is a leader in its category and provides chat functions, video chat, the ability to leave voice messages and much more. Ok, we get it, you probably don't need much more of an introduction to the service. Microsoft promises more updates on the Skype front in the coming months, so maybe there are bigger announcements coming.

Our favorite change in Windows 8.1? The ability to boot right to the desktop and the re-introduction of the Start menu.