Microsoft's Skype team on Tuesday announced a new video messaging app called Skype Qik. The goal of Skype Qik, according to the team, is to keep friends and family members connected even when Skype isn't available. How? With quick, self-deleting video messages that can be sent through its new mobile app.

To get started, you'll need to install Skype Qik on your Windows Phone, iOS or Android device. After verifying your phone number, you'll be able to send quick video messages to any contact in your address book — if the receiver has Skype Qik installed, he or she will see your recorded video. If not, he or she will be prompted to download the app.

You can record up to 40 seconds in each video and send it to either a single person or a group of users. Like Snapchat, the videos disappear, in this case automatically after two weeks or, if you want, by manually deleting them. Another feature, called Qik Flicks, lets you record and save 5-second videos for sending at any time — a wave goodbye, a wink, you can record anything you want in that quick five-second timeframe.

Skype Qik is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS right now. The Windows Phone and Android versions allow you to block contacts and that feature is coming to iOS in the coming months. Meanwhile, the Qik Flicks feature is available for iOS and Android and will launch for Windows Phone later.