Earlier this week we brought you the news that popular video provider VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Skype had accidentally leaked a document about video calls on the iPhone.  The document was quickly pulled, but it has led to a lot of speculation that the company will unveil mobile video support at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) next week in Las Vegas.  It seems like a distinct possibility, but nothing concrete has been said either way, but some new evidence has popped up today that adds even more credence to these rumors.


TheNextWeb stumbled across the above landing page (click for larger view) today over at Skype’s site that certainly seems to indicate that something is coming in the mobile field from Skype very soon. We’ve visited the page multiple times and have been unable to get this to appear, so we’re not sure if it was only showing for a limited time, if it might be loading for certain regions or some other criteria that we don’t know about.

According to the report it was nothing more than a collection of videos with no evidence of a chat happening, but everything certainly seemed to indicate it was video show on mobile devices.  (Chasing a kid on a bike with your laptop doesn’t seem like something most people would do, just sayin’.)

CES kicks off officially next Thursday, and Skype has a press conference scheduled for that day that TechnoBuffalo will be attending.  Hopefully that’s where this long awaited feature will finally be announced.

What say you?  Are you ready for mobile Skype video chats?