When I think of all the battles fought on the warfront of technology, there have been way too many to count. But there have been a overarching ones that transcend geekdom to reach the broader masses, including:

Mac vs. PC (ongoing)
Android vs. iOS (ongoing)
Gmail vs. Yahoo vs. Hotmail (mostly done, mostly won by Gmail, though the others are still scrapping)
Facebook vs. MySpace (stick a fork in it, it’s been soooo done and won by Facebook)
Twitter vs. blogs, texting, IM’ing, emailing (ongoing) Skype vs. Facetime vs. Google Hangout vs. Oovoo vs. … etc… (neverending)

So it’s weird when one fighter jumps the fence and attacks another in its home turf. Yahoo, for instance, sued Facebook for patent infringement, which has just prompted a countersuit from Facebook. Maybe that’s not entirely surprising, since they’re both duking it out in the social space. But what about Skype joining in the muck? It launched a campaign filled with anti-Facebook, anti-Twitter attack ads.

I can sort of see why Skype might target texting (which it also does), but I never thought of it as a Facebook or Twitter alternative. It’s all communication-based, sure, but this “Time for Skype” campaign still hits like it’s out of left field. And it leaves behind a negative feeling, the kind you get when seeing political attack commercials during this election year.

For myself, the ads don’t leave me any more inspired to use the service than I was before. If anything, the company going negative like this has probably turned me off somewhat.

What do you think of Skype’s new ad campaign? Savvy marketing approach, or a big turn off?

[via Business Insider]