The new Skype app for Windows 10 is finally out of preview after a year of testing. It is now smooth and stable enough to be your primary Skype client, and its latest version comes with a number of nice new features, including SMS integration.

Skype has always been available as a Windows app, but the new version is designed to take advantage of new features in Windows 10. It also boasts a slick new user interface that better suits Microsoft’s latest design language, and it will surely become the company’s focus going forward, which means the old Skype app probably won’t see quite as much support.

With version, the first release that isn’t a preview, Skype has improved contacts access and the ability to search your chats for specific messages. Microsoft has also added new keyboard shortcuts that promise to make messaging easier, and the ability to transfer calls to another device — like your smartphone when you leave the office.

Perhaps the biggest new feature, however, is SMS integration, which lets you send texts through the Skype SMS service or through SMS relay. You can also sync your text messages between Skype and a compatible Windows smartphone.

The new Skype release is available to download now from the Windows Store by following the source link below.