Microsoft’s Skype team on Friday announced a brand new way to use Skype: directly through the Web. You no longer need to install the Skype client if you aren’t able to; instead, simply head to the new Skype for Web beta site, log-in, and start calling folks.

It’s a particularly compelling way to access Skype, especially if you’re on a machine that doesn’t natively support the service or a computer where you don’t have full privileges to install an app. Microsoft said there’s a small plug-in required right now but that, with the introduction of Real-Time Communications (RTC) in IE soon, users won’t have to worry about plug-ins, either. The Skype for Web beta is supported by IE, Chrome on Windows, Firefox and Safari.

The Skype for Web beta is limited to a small group of testers right now but will deploy around the globe in the coming months.