Apple's Messages app isn't the only one that doesn't like certain strings of characters, it seems. A similar bug has been discovered in Skype, which persistently crashes when it receives a tiny string of just 8 characters — and the fix is far from simple.

What's more concerning about Skype's bug, is that unlike the iPhone's, it's not a totally random string of characters. It's actually just "http://:" (notice the extra colon?), which anyone could accidentally type when attempting to send a URL.

When these characters are received, Skype crashes instantly — and will continue to do so every time you reopen it. The bug affects Skype apps on Windows, Android, and iOS, users have found, leaving only the Mac and touch-based Windows 8.1 applications unscathed.

If you happen to receive these characters in a Skype message, fixing the problem isn't easy. Because Skype saves your message data in the cloud and re-downloads it when you sign into the app, not even uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again will fix the problem.

The only workaround right now, then, is to ask the user who sent you the string to delete the message at their end, then reinstalling the Skype app.

The good news is, Skype says it is "aware of the problem and are working to provide an resolution."