Skype is making its way to the PS Vita, and it'll be available for free from the PlayStation Store for those in North America later today. The app allows gamers to keep in touch with their friends with voice and video calls over both Wi-Fi and 3G, and it works in the background to ensure you never miss a call while you're gaming.

Just like any Skype application, Skype-to-Skype calling on the PS Vita is completely free of charge — for both voice and video calls — and it utilizes the Vita's front- and rear-facing cameras. Its best feature, however, is "background mode," which allows you to sign into Skype than continue gaming, safe in the knowledge that your calls will still come through. And when they do, just pause your game and take your call. Heck, not even Windows Phone has that!

Furthermore, if you have credit on your Skype account, you can also use your PS Vita to calls landlines and mobile phones. Check out Sony's demonstration video above to see Skype in action on the Vita.

For those in Europe, Skype will be available for the Vita tomorrow, April 25.

Are you looking forward to Skype for the PS Vita?

[via PlayStation.Blog]