Lab Zero Games, the indie team behind the sensational fighting game Skullgirls, has announced plans to develop its next game. No, it's not another fighting game, but rather it will be an RPG titled Indivisible.

Lab Zero isn't settling for second best on its inspiration either, aiming to create it in the vein of Super Metroid and Valkyrie Profile. It has also scored the talents of Hiroki Kikuta, the one and only composer of Secret of Mana. It's only one of the greatest soundtracks in gaming history.

Indivisible is a new action/RPG IP, starring Ajna (AHZH-na), a girl who sets out on a globe-spanning journey to discover the truth behind her mysterious powers. On her quest she'll be joined by a variety of unique heroes and gain new abilities to traverse the environments and defeat the enemies they'll encounter along the way.

Indivisible is inspired by classics like Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid, but with the unique characters and gameplay depth Lab Zero is known for. In addition to a fresh spin on action/RPG gameplay, Indivisible features a deep storyline inspired by southeast Asian and other world mythologies, Lab Zero's trademark feature-quality 2D hand-drawn animation, and a lush soundtrack from legendary Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta.

Lab Zero Games plans to fund Indivisible through Indiegogo, so we'll keep an eye out for it. Many indie developers struggle with their second major game when it comes to continuing the success of their first.

Best of luck to Lab Zero Games in avoiding the sophomore slump. Sounds like a great game.