Lab Zero, the team behind Skullgirls, has a new game on the way, an RPG called Indivisible.  They're publishing it with 505 Games, but they will be using crowdfunding to make the game happen.

The game is, according to the developer, inspired by Valkyrie Profile and Metroid. The main character, Ajna, will collect a party of characters on a "world-spanning journey," set to a soundtrack from Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta.

Lab Zero will be developing a playable prototype, which they'll release to the public, launching a crowdfunding campaign alongside it. The team is taking a slightly different approach to crowdfunding than we often see. They're saying right up front that the crowdfunding they're asking for is neither the full budget of the game nor something meant to gauge interest. Instead, Lab Zero says that up through the funding goal, 505 will be matching contributions. This upfront approach to the funding, along with Lab Zero's previous success funding Skullgirls, makes this an appealing project.

The team doesn't have a release set for the prototype or the crowdfunding campaign, but I'm looking forward to seeing more of the world they're creating.