The Logitech Crayon has got its first ever discount over at Amazon going from $69.99 down to $49.99. It was first announced alongside Apple's most recent 9.7-inch iPad and initially only sold into education before being released to the public. Since its public release, it has sold consistently at $70 until now. It also works with the newest iPad Air and iPad mini models.

Unleash your inner artist

Logitech Crayon

Logitech Crayon is an affordable alternative to Apple's own Pencil featuring a lot of the same technology for lag-free drawing and easy pairing. At $50, it's at the lowest it has ever gone.

$49.99 $69.99 $20 off

The Crayon features a bunch of Apple's proprietary stylus smarts that it uses in the Apple Pencil, but also has some advantages of its own. It's more affordable, which is a real plus, has minimal lag when writing or drawing and enacts the iPad's palm-rejection tech (just like Apple Pencil). It doesn't require any pairing — just switch it on and it will work — and it charges by plugging a Lightning cable into it (unlike Apple Pencil). It's also a flatter shape which some users may find more comfortable in hand (and means it won't roll off your desk — looking at you Apple Pencil). Check out iMore's in-depth review for more info.

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