Samsung and LG are huge rivals not only in South Korea but in consumer markets that span from refrigerators to smartphones around the globe. That rivalry is so strong that it drove six LG Display employees to steal technology from Samsung Mobile Display. The six have now been charged, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

The LG Display employees stole technology related to Samsung's OLED displays, which have been used widely in phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and plenty of others. Two of the thieves once worked for Samsung's display division, Bloomberg said. Samsung has reportedly asked that LG Display "formally apologize" and to implement a system that prevents a similar situation from developing in the future.

Here's the funniest part, however: Bloomberg said that the tech stolen from LG Display isn't even a Samsung Mobile Display trade secret, so it's unclear why the employees thought it would be beneficial in the first place. Lesson learned here? Don't steal junk.

[via Bloomberg]