Samsung had some pretty hilarious Gear VR demos back during CES 2016 in January, during which folks would don the headset and then ride a fictional roller coaster. Here we are just a couple of months later, and now Samsung has an official partnership with Six Flags to make actual, real-life rides using virtual reality.

Samsung, now the “official technology partner” of Six Flags theme parks, will sell Six Flags Gear VR units that will be embedded into roller coasters.

“With the addition of these virtual reality coasters, Six Flags will be introducing more than double the number of new coasters and rides than we did in 2015, and more than any year in the last decade,” Six Flags president and CEO John Duffey said. “Innovation is part of our DNA, and news in every park every year is driving higher guest satisfaction and building strong momentum for our company.”

The first such Gear VR-powered “rides” will open in the coming weeks – sometime this month, Six Flags said – and new rides will continue to launch through the summer. The theme-park has a total of 9 roller coasters planned, including Shock Wave, Dare Devil Dive, The New Revolution, Ninja, Steamin’ Demon and Goliath. Three new SUPERMAN VR coasters will also include the Gear VR headset as they fly through a “360-degree comic-book world of Metropolis.”

Here’s a quick synopsis of the “New Revolution” VR ride:

Riders are transported to a futuristic battle to save planet Earth from an alien invasion. Riders are the co-pilots in their own fighter jets as they strap in for air-to-air combat. Taking in the view around them, riders will see other aircraft in an underground secret bunker. As the aircraft moves to a landing pad, it begins to launch its thruster engines, lifting the craft straight up through the roof. During the ascent, riders can test fire their weapons using the world’s first-ever interactive gameplay technology on a roller coaster. As riders clear the roof, they realize they are on top of a skyscraper and about to launch off the edge of the building diving straight down on the first drop of the ride. The aircraft races through the city until reaching the edge of the skyline where riders see the mother ship hovering above. The mother ship is heavily protected by drones and the mission is to get past the drones, fire on the mother ship and destroy it.

Sounds awesome. I haven’t been to a Six Flags in years, but this might just bring me back.