Apple started seeding the iOS 8.1 beta to developers this week, and now that they have had some time to dig through the code, we're starting to see some of the new support that may be added to the final version of the operating system. 9to5Mac was recently tipped with information that Siri will may play a part in Apple Pay, particularly when users are trying to find a credit card to pay with.

Apparently you'll be able to ask Siri to bring up a specific credit card in Passbook. That suggests you might be able to ask Siri for something specific, like your "American Express Delta credit card," just before you move to the checkout counter. Passbook is already pretty easy to use, though voice commands could make Apple Pay and Passbook more accessible for handicapped users. Also, and we're thinking way ahead here, this feature could allow someone to easily call up a credit card for payment using the Apple Watch. That would alleviate any need to remove a phone from your pocket, which seems particularly helpful.

Separate from this report, Bank Innovation said Wednesday that it has learned Apple will include the Apple Pay functionality in iOS 8.1, instead of an earlier and smaller release. The site said it has learned Apple is currently aiming to release iOS 8.1 on Oct. 20, which means consumers should be able to use their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to make mobile payments using Apple Pay right after that hits.