Siri exists to be helpful, to provide iPhone users with quick answers and make life easier. But it turns out her full potential isn't tapped unless you sign up for Apple services. Case in point: Her refusal to provide music info if you're not signed up for Apple Music.

Several people are finding out that if you ask Siri a question about music, the personal assistant will only provide the relevant information if you're signed up for its new streaming service. Chances are you probably didn't renew your subscription following the free trial, in which case Siri turns into a stuck up snob.

"Sorry, Brandon, I can't look up the music charts for you," Siri says. "You don't seem to be subscribed to Apple Music."

That's the response you get if you ask what the most popular song was on a given day. You'd think it would be pretty easy for Siri to figure that out. But she won't tell you until you pay up. You know what service will tell you? Google.

If you're still subscribed to Apple Music, Siri will gladly hand over the information you were looking for, according to Business Insider. Just when we thought Siri was finally becoming useful, she goes and does this.