After breaking onto the scene in 2011, Siri quickly became an important part of the iPhone experience. But years later, the personal assistant began to lag behind the competition, something that’s immediately apparent compared to something such as Google assistant. Now, thanks to a major overhaul, Siri is faster, stronger, and maybe even useful. And she’s even open to third-party developers.

With apps like Slack, you can tell Siri, “Send Jon a Slack message,” and she’ll do just that. We expected this to happen and it’s finally here. It’ll be great to hail an Uber or make a reservation right through Siri; no jumping through hoops or opening apps. Just tell Siri and she’ll do it. It’ll be up to developers to integrate Siri support into their apps, but you have to imagine Siri will start factoring into your daily experience a lot more in the future.