Siri Lumia 900

It seems that Apple’s Siri assistant is feeling a bit inadequate and she would understand if you left her for the Nokia Lumia 900.

One would naturally assume that if you’re asking Siri was is the best phone out there is that you probably already own an iPhone 4S.  Isn’t it nice, though, to get a little validation that you made the right choice every so often?  So, fire up Siri and ask her, “What is the best smartphone?” and, well, you can see the results in the image above.

Oh, Siri.

Of course Siri pulls her answers from Wolfram Alpha, and it in turns gets its answers from checking average review scores, but you just can’t deny that’s some pretty good humor right there.

We actually have a lot of love for the Nokia Lumia 900 around the TechnoBuffalo offices, so don’t think we’re saying the iPhone 4S is just naturally better.  But can you imagine going to McDonalds and being told by an employee that Burger King is better?

Siri will probably be called into Tim Cook’s office sometime this afternoon for a little chat.

[via The Next Web]