It understands what you say. It knows what you mean. It has so much to tell you. And it wants you to die. In a brilliantly funny video made by Rooster Teeth, Siri is much more evil and sadistic than those heartwarming Apple ads would have us believe.

In Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie, what seems like a great holiday gift quickly turns out to be the phone from hell, starting off with an uplifting message about life, "You're alive, and then you die," Siri says. The characters ignore her message, not realizing that there's a much darker secret to the iPhone 4S' personal assistant: the Red Ring of Death-esque Siri is out for blood.

She sabotages, ambushes and all-out attacks its unsuspecting owners. "The present you think you're tearing into … Is actually tearing into you," a voice over devilishly says.

Be careful what you wish for this holiday season, and watch out for the Siri beep; it may be the last sound you hear.

[Thanks to @Skeaxaxis1080 for the tip!]