Windows Phone fans and owners had a good laugh at the expense of the iPhone 4S’ wisecracking digital concierge Siri. It was discovered last week that if you asked the digital assistant “what is the best smartphone ever?” Siri would promptly reply with Nokia’s Lumia 900. Obviously embarrassed, Apple moved quickly and implemented a patch changing Siri’s response to something more expected. You’ll now receive answers such as “wait there are other phones?” or “the one you’re holding” and “you’re kidding, right?”

Originally Siri’s dependency on Wolfram Alpha for its search queries was to blame for the “beta” project’s blunder. However, it now appears that Apple has redirected Siri’s response to this particular question. Perhaps now that the company is aware of this type of hiccup, it will take additional measures to avoid being the Internet’s running gag of the weekend.

[via: AppleInsider]