Apple loves to sneak little surprises into Siri, its voice controlled iOS assistant. Now you can add beatboxing to the list, though we don’t think Siri’s ready for her America’s Got Talent audition just yet.

Just ask Siri to beatbox and she’ll happily drop a beat. “Here’s one I’ve been practicing,” she’ll say before repeating the phrase “boots and cats” over and over for about 10 seconds.

No, this isn’t a glitch. “Boots and cats” is a actually popular trick used to teach beatboxing to beginners. But you’re usually supposed to quickly simplify the phrase to its basic consonants, which actually sounds pretty good. Here’s an example of what Siri is aiming for:

Siri’s beatboxing skills were first spotted back in November, suggesting the Easter egg was added with iOS 9 or a smaller subsequent update. Siri can also joke about Back to the Future and even dodge questions about future iPhone releases. She’s capable of useful tasks as well, but we’re glad Apple still has a sense of humor about its digital assistant.