siri_inceptionSiri is wacky. Sure, she’s useful for some quick, simple information, but the year-old assistant isn’t quite as excellent as Apple would have you believe. Be that as it may, it’s her snark and wit that sets the tech apart from the competition — not that Apple would advertise her as such. The Cupertino company has obviously gone to great (and secretive) lengths to try and humanize Siri’s mannerisms. Case in point: Her response to what some very specific movies are about. Terminator? “Oh, just more misunderstood cyborgs getting fried to a crisp. But I heard that the Governor of California was in it.” I tried getting responses for a number of movies — Point Break, The Goonies, North Shore, Airborne — but no luck. If you find any clever Siri movie responses let us know.

[via TheVerge]