I've become hopelessly dependent on Siri, using the voice assistant pretty much every day. Those easy, no-fuss speech commands don't require users to drop everything and dig through copious folders just to find answers, set a timer, send a text or map directions.

This fact isn't lost on car companies, particularly those seeking mobile features that can help drivers do more with less distraction. While some companies seek their own solutions, Chevy stepped up to be the first to integrate Siri in its 2013 Spark and Sonic. And now Honda is following suit to bring her into its new Accord and two of its Acura models as well.

Honda announced Wednesday plans to bring Siri Eyes Free mode to its 2013 Accord, Acura RDX and Acura ILX. The company will integrate its Bluetooth HandsFree Link in-car software together with Siri, to give owners a range of mobile features without taking their focus off the road. Drivers will be able to make hands-free calls, text, hear messages, set or search appointments and choose music to play via speech command. Siri Eyes Free will require an iPhone 4S or 5 running iOS 6.

Apple made its intention of bringing the voice assistant software to connected cars very clear back in June. And getting the most popular automobile maker on board within a year is a pretty big win. But it's not the only one: In addition to Chevy and Honda, other companies — like Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes and Toyota — are expected to jump on the Siri bandwagon.