Everything Apple has shown us regarding its new Siri technology has thus far been very impressive. However, what we've seen has just been carefully crafted demonstrations meant to show off Siri's ability under the best possible conditions. How does it perform out in the real world? A new video from Stuff.tv shows that it actually works quite well.

The video shows Siri answering and performing a number of tasks, including money conversions, weather, and alarm setups without any problems, even with a fair amount of distracting noise in the background. A fair amount, mind you. One wonders how it'll perform with sporting event or parade level noises. Once TechnoBuffalo gets our hands on the device you can bet we'll put it through a number of tests of our own to see if it's really a feature we'd use on a daily basis. Judging from what we have seen so far, I'd say the answer to that is a definite yes.

[via Stuff.tv]