Newsstand in folder

While the Newsstand app pre-installed on every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is indispensable to some, to others — such as those who don’t read magazines on their iOS device — it’s nothing but a waste of screen space. You can’t delete it, you can’t even hide the icon in a folder — until now!

A new Mac app called StifleStand, developed by jailbreak developer Filippo Bigarella, allows you to hide the Newsstand icon in a folder on your device. The great thing about this app is that it’s completely free, and you don’t need to jailbreak to use it.

Simply download StifleStand — which takes seconds if you have any service faster than dial-up — and run it. Then plug in your iOS device and click the ‘Hide Newsstand’ button. And that’s it — the Newsstand icon will now be hidden in a folder called ‘Magic’ on your iOS device.

You can add other apps to this folder if you choose to, and you can rename it, too. It’s also easily reversible — just drag Newsstand back out again whenever you want to.

There is one caveat, however: Once you’ve performed this trick, Newsstand won’t open; attempting to run it will simply respring your iOS device. With that said, it should only be used by those who don’t use Newsstand at all, and want to rid its icon from their home screen.

According to Bigarella, a Windows version of StifleStand is currently in development, and should be available soon.

Have you used StifleStand yet?

[Via: Jailbreak Nation]