Whoa there, hoss. Before you start yelling about how ugly the graphics are in the new SimCity title from Maxis and EA, make sure you pay attention to one of the first things Dan Moskowitz, Gameplay Lead for SimCity, says in the clip. The video above was built to show off GlassBox, the new simulation engine behind SimCity.

It is not, thankfully, representative of the graphics in Maxis' next Sim effort.

As Moskowitz and the video explain, every individual in the SimCity world is an agent for resources. While their resources may not be active in transit between points, they are capable of delivering resources to anywhere and everywhere in the game. That concept brough to my mind one possibility for gameplay as it pertains to natural disasters.

What if individuals became agents for disease? If every individual is a carrier for resources, couldn't those resources also take the form of unwanted problems like communicable disease? As the manager of a Sim City, you'd be tasked with isolating the transport of the diseases and quarantining the carriers. That, in itself, could be incredibly challenging.

And it comes thanks to GlassBox, the simulation engine behind the game. Well, maybe it comes in thanks to GlassBox. Maxis could just keep the engine restricted to the transport and delivery of actual resources.

Are you folks excited for the new SimCity? It has us covered in nerdy goosebumps.