If news that SimCity would be getting an offline mode got you fired up to jump back into the city building game, it's time to start getting excited. The patch, named Update 10, is in final testing:

The 2013 update to Maxis' beloved franchise released just over a year ago to myriad server problems that kept the game down for something close to a week. Even when the game was working, a variety of issues made the game difficult to play after eight or so hours in any given city. Traffic became unworkable, and the way Sims would go to the closest job and closest house, rather than the same job and same house broke the simulation and the illusion.

Shortly after release, fans hacked together a pseudo-offline mode that let players play the game offline but didn't allow saves. SimCity's then-General Manager Lucy Bradshaw even went so far as to say that an offline mode was impossible. Finally, in January, the new GM, Patrick Buechner, announced that an offline mode was forthcoming. Lead Engineer Simon Fox went into greater depth in a later blog post about how much the team is actually having to do to get it working.

With Update 10 imminent, I'm thinking seriously about reinstalling the game and seeing what a difference a year makes.