You want to play the upcoming SimCity on your laptop from the backseat of a car during a long road trip, eh? Well, as it comes from the folks at Joystiq and Lead Designer Stone Librande, you'll need to do so while connected to the Internet. SimCity is an "Internet-dependent" experience that requires a connection to EA's Origin in order to play.

Origin will not be the only place to snag this game when it releases, however. While EA hasn't announced the other online retailers that will carry the game, they have said that it will be available in stores that aren't Origin.

But you'll still need to have an instance of Origin running and be logged into it in order to play the game.

Librande told Joystiq that the game needs to be connected to Origin constantly in order to further the emphasis on multiplayer, "regional impact" and the global economy. It sounds like this SimCity will be larger and more community driven than any other title in Maxis' past.

But does its reliance on EA's service make you want to play it any more or less? Stepping aside from the ill perception of Origin for a minute; games that require a constant Internet connection to play, especially games that could be perceived as single player in nature, come as a turn off to me.

Will I take advantage of the multiplayer in SimCity when it launches? Yes, probably. But I still view the experience as a single player one; why should I be connected to the Internet in order to play?

[via Joystiq]