If you’ve marked you calendars in early February of next year for Maxis’ brand new SimCity, I hope you did so in pencil. Or, maybe, that you don’t care about scratch marks on your calendars. If you even use calendars. Does anyone use print calendars with pictures of puppies and cats in baskets anymore? I doubt any of you gamers do.

Anyways, SimCity‘s been delayed. So, there’s that. The push back is a short one, fortunately, as the title is now scheduled to ship in early March. Here’s the tweet from EA and Maxis’ official account:

Mayors! Mark your calendars, #SimCity will be in stores March 5th in NA. RT If you’re planning to take vacation that week to play.

If you’re European, expect the game to launch on March 8th.

As a fan of the classic city building simulations out there, I’m really looking forward to the new SimCity. I’m a bit cautious of things like its always-online connection requirement and play through Origin, but the die-hard SimCity fan in me will likely trump both kerfluffles when it comes time to buy the game.

That is, unless EA and Maxis completely bungle this thing between now and March 5th. That’s a lot of time to spare. The game will be available for both Mac and PC platforms.

[via Twitter]