In Silicon Valley‘s first official trailer for its third season, T.J. Miller does something a lot of people have probably dreamed of: he kicks one of those creepy Google robotic dogs right in its metal face.

Even better, the robot is dressed up like a reindeer, a direct reference to the bizarre Christmas-themed video released by Google late last year. If this one moment, and the rest of the trailer, is any indication, Silicon Valley is set to get even better in its third season.

Along with Miller we also see the rest of the Pied Piper crew, including Thomas Middleditch, Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani and Zach Woods. The trailer doesn’t give us much in the way of plot, but it sounds like the team is struggling to maintain control over the company they created. In one scene, Middleditch aggressively demands to be CEO before slipping and slamming his head against a desk.

We can’t wait for season premiere on April 24. Until then check out some screenshots below.