Junji Ito

As the world tries to heal from the wounds of Silent Hills' cancellation and what could have been, collaborative director Guillermo del Toro has name dropped another huge creative talent that was nearly a part of the dream-team. Taking to Twitter, del Toro proudly announced that he had tapped legendary horror manga writer Junji Ito to aid in presumably the art for the game.

Over his long career, Ito has been responsible for some of Japan's most unique, surreal, and horrific mangas like Gyo, Uzumaki, and Tomie. Admittedly, horror is not really my thing, so I'm not too familiar with his works.  However, merely checking out his name through Google Image search reveals some pretty nasty nightmare fuel. Yikes, I think it goes to say that this guy could have been perfect for the Silent Hills job. In fact, I'd say he was a bit too good for it.

However, it was never meant to be. Silent Hills is no more, and the world can only sit and wonder for the rest of their lives.

Hey Konami, I get that the game would have been expensive, but… why not at least fund a spin-off manga and let the guy go wild? What's the worst that could happen?