Sprint internal calendar

The popular consensus is that Sprint will release the Galaxy Nexus on April 22nd; however, we’ve received information from a trusted tipster that would suggest otherwise. An internal screenshot (pictured above) states that Sprint’s training for the Galaxy Nexus ends on April 22nd, which makes it hard to believe that Sprint would release such an important device on the same day.

Sprint also recently announced that it will launch the LG Viper on April 22nd and, as awesome as releasing its first two LTE devices together may sound, Sprint has to consider its partnership with both LG and Samsung. We think it’s more likely that the carrier will give each manufacturer its own respectful release space. This leads us to believe that Sprint will release the Galaxy Nexus sometime after April 22nd, possibly April 29th at the earliest. That would give Sprint enough time to set up pre-orders for the Galaxy Nexus and offer the device after the LG Viper and before pre-orders begin for the new HTC EVO 4G LTE.