CTIA – The Wireless Association is having its annual trade show later this month in Orlando, FL.  While the event is always filled with the latest in cellular phones, the mobile market is about much more than just those devices now with tablets becoming a much more significant part of the mobile computing experience.  To this end, CTIA vice president Rob Mesirow was speaking with PC Magazine and hinted that a “significant” tablet would be introduced at this year’s show.

We’re left scratching our heads over this one as that was all that was said in the way of a hint.  Just about everyone out there has announced a tablet, or updated an existing one.  Could it be the rumored new size for the Samsung Galaxy Tab line?  Could it be a totally new player in the market?  (Nokia and Microsoft have gotten close as of late, imagine them teaming up for a tablet)  The mind somewhat boggles when you think of all the potential things this ‘significant’ statement could mean.

We’ll find it out in just a few weeks, and hopefully it isn’t just some sort of empty hyperbole and will be something we can really sink our teeth into.

What do you think?  Do you have any theories what this mystery ‘significant’ tablet could be?

[via Engadget, source PC Magazine]