Do you fall asleep at night and dream of playing Breakout? Great, this is the game for you. Kind of.

Siesta Fiesta is a new title for the Nintendo 3DS that’s launching in the next few weeks, and it’s basically a long game of breakout… only a bit sillier. The long puck at the bottom of the screen that you’ll control takes the shape of your bed, and the ball that you’re trying to bounce is actually your character: a sleeping man who is curled up and bouncing around inside of his own dreams.

It’s a silly game, though we had a fun time playing it.

There are 8 total worlds that you’ll progress (or dream) through, including one that takes the form of a warehouse, one of a beach, and one that takes place in the mountains. We had a hard time getting through a higher level, though had a bit more fun on an earlier stage at the beach.

The landscape scrolls as you move along each level, adding a bit more difficulty, but you’ll earn different weapons that help you break more blocks at a quicker pace.

Pricing was not revealed, but we were told we can expect something in the $9.99 to $15.00 price range.