Sidekick phones appear to be coming back to T-Mobile in 2011, but will this once popular brand be able to win back disgruntled users?

It was first reported yesterday that the Sidekick brand was coming back to T-Mobile this year, and it has now been confirmed that the brand name is coming back as a 4G phone, but there’s no word on the exact date other than “first half of 2011.  There has also been no hints as to whether the phone will keep its famous form factor, or perhaps move on to something entirely new.

The T-Mobile Sidekick was once a hugely popular messaging phone, but it quickly fell out of favor after a massive data loss occured in Oct. 2009.  At the time, over 800,000 owners of the phone lost the ability to access data such as e-mails, contacts and photos due to server issues at Danger, the company behind the phones.  Eventually the majority of the data was restored after nearly a week, but by then the damage to the brand had been done.

In July 2010 T-Mobile announced that it was dropping the last two handsets it carried in the line, the Sidekick LX 09 and Sidekick 2008, from its lineup, and in Sept. 2010, Danger shut down all of the developer forums related to the device.

There are still a lot of people who remember the Sidekick outage, so it’ll be interesting to see how anxious people are to pick up a phone with that brand name, 4G or not, when they are released.  I’m also not sure how great of an idea it is to confirm the return of the phones when the settlement from the Oct. 2009 data loss class action suit is being announced.  Seems like you might want to wait a while so you don’t have the stories sharing the same news cycle.

What say you?  Would you ever trust the Sidekick brand again?