So, Sid Meier’s Starships seriously released with little or no fanfare, didn’t it? The game is out today on PC and iPad, and it’s a tactical strategy affair that tasks players with building ships and unifying the galaxy.

What we have here for you today is a 101 Trailer courtesy of IGN. The four-ish minute clip covers the basics of the gameplay within Sid Meier’s Starships, and, to be completely honest, it actually has me considering snapping the game up on Steam this afternoon when it officially unlocks.

There’s a lot of stuff going on in this game. You’ll have to pick which victory you want to pursue (science, population, etc.), and you’ll even have to contend with crew morale and energy as long missions wear on.

It all looks very cool.

Sid Meier’s Starships is selling for $14.99 on both the iPad and PC platforms. It will offer absolutely no microtransactions, which is awesome news for the tablet crowd.