No longer will fans of the Civilization series be forced to dawdle in the past and throw spears at massive tanks. Legendary game designer Sid Meier and Firaxis Games have unveiled the latest game in his eternally popular strategy series, and it will be taking man on a conquest to the stars.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth will act as a spiritual successor to Sid Meier’s previous take on space strategy, Alpha Centauri. The game will not be the sequel fans have been crying and nagging for for years, because Firaxis falls under the umbrella of 2K Games, and Alpha Centauri is currently owned by EA.

However, Firaxis is not shy about the idea of using the game as a model and an effective marketing tool as well. During the PAX East reveal, Firaxis Co-Lead Designer Will Miller claims that “The heart and soul [of Alpha Centauri] lives at Firaxis. For all the fans of Alpha Centauri, this is the game we’ve made for you.”

“The biggest systematic change for Civ 5 is that tech is a web, not a tree,” says other David McDonough, the other co-lead on the project. “By the end of the game you’ve got 70 percent of the web.”

Early trailers and previews suggest that mankind has made a terrible mistake on Earth, and its time on the dying planet has finally come to an end. Along with an entire new planet to explore, Beyond Earth will also add a quest system for the first time in the series history, giving certain goals to seek out and uncover, and players will even be able to create their own cultural identity and colony before their campaign begins.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth will be released for the PC this fall.