If you need a second chance at picking up the Mega Man or Shulk amiibo figurines, then you are in luck! Nintendo is about to restock them on retailer shelves.

News of the restock was leaked through the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) webpage and spotted by Amiibo News. The CPSIA requires toy manufacturers to adhere to safety standards and register their products, deeming them to be safe for children. As of May 1, Shulk and Mega Man find themselves among some of the more popular figures like Mario and Link that are still easier to find.

Nintendo recently went on the record to acknowledge the amiibo figurine shortage, promising to deliver more of the highly sought figurines. If this is a first step to making sure a rare character is available through retail chains, then we’ll have to wait for something official. No date has been set yet for either figures restock.

Remember, Shulk was only available through GameStop thanks to an exclusivity deal, so when and if these do turn up, you might have to search there.