Is it possible to love a service? I think it is – I’ve been using Shuffler.FM all weekend and I totally dig how it translates the channel surfing tendencies of the restless television viewer to music listening online and blog discovery.

Since I help musicians with social media over on Uptown Uncorked, among other things, I’m always looking for new ways to help them get found. Getting your music heard is the hardest hurdle any new musician faces.

Sure there are Last.FM, Blip.FM, Grooveshark, MOG and Pandora, but each of those services, while awesome in their own right, requires a lot of input from the listener to find songs or to fine tune a listening experience. Shuffler.FM is very much a plug and play service. You set it to your channel, and forget it, so to speak. You don’t go back to the tab playing the songs unless you want to share one or find out more about the blog it’s coming from, and the floating toolbar makes it incredibly simple to discover and share.

One thing I love about it is how it has increased the variety of music blogs in my RSS reader. Since it is a blog-driven service, the tool bar floats above whatever blog is hosting the song that is playing, giving you a sneak peak at the writing and caliber of the blog as well as an earful of some amazing tunes.

I also like that it is an easy genre sort from the home page. If I get tired of writing or working to “Indie Songwriter” I just click the toolbar and switch over to “Metal: Hardcore” or “Punk” or whatever strikes my mood at the time.

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Floating toolbar:


I will be recommending that all of the music folks I work with add their music blog to this service using the simple “Add A Music Blog” button at the bottom of the channel window. What a great way to share music and music knowledge on blogs. Now let’s hope the RIAA doesn’t try to get it shut down.