Showtime subscribers can now stream the premium channel's content through the Roku. Similar to HBO Go, Showtime's Anytime video-on-demand app gives folks access to the channel's lineup of shows (old and new), sports specials and documentaries. Showtime is home to some of TV's most compelling shows, including Homeland, Donovan and Dexter. You'll need to be subscribed to Showtime through either AT&T U-verse, Brighthouse, Cablevision's Optimum TV, DIRECTV, Time Warner Cable or FiOS. Comcast isn't included on the list.

Roku is one of the strongest set-top boxes you can buy, and the latest availability only adds to its growing ecosystem. It's still too bad you can't subscribe to a premium cable channel without the excess of other content, but if you do have a Showtime subscription, this is a simple way to enjoy the channel's many shows right on your TV. Showtime Anytime is also available for Android, iOS and the Kindle Fire.