It’s been a long time brewing, but Shovel Knight’s free expansion, “Plague of Shadows,” finally has a release date. Fans of the Yacht Club Games’ excellent indie hit can download it on Sept. 17 for one of the plentiful systems it is released for.

Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One, PC, you name it, your gaming device can play it. I’m surprised this little slice of heaven isn’t on iOS or Android yet.

“Plague of Shadows” is the first of three planned expansions starring the game’s villains, the Order of no Quarter. Plague Knight is a medicine man of sorts, armed with an endless supply of potions and poisons he can toss at his enemies. His light body also allows him to glide and double jump, giving him an aerial superiority that Shovel Knight doesn’t have.

The other two expansions that are due for release star King Knight and Specter Knight. It’s a shame, because I voted for Polar Knight, Propeller Knight, and I think Mole Knight back when Yacht Club Games was polling backers for choices. All I know is that none of my picks made it…

Doesn’t matter anymore. I can’t wait for another reason to jump back into Shovel Knight. It’s one of my favorite games from the last five years, and it’s quickly securing its place as an all-time favorite. These expansions should only add to the appeal.