Back when Shovel Knight was still in fundraising mode on Kickstarter, Yacht Club Games pulled out tons of stretch goals to up the monetary ante and offer extra content to would-be-buyers.

It was then that it was announced that the developers would take some of the villains from the game (those members of the Order of No Quarter) and give them playable campaigns of their own. Best of all? These campaigns would be free DLC on top of the already big base game.

The first of such stretch goals is, apparently, nearing its release. Plague Knight’s campaign, otherwise known as Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows, is coming soon. Want a release date for “soon?” Too bad! All we know is Q2 of this year, which means any time between the next few weeks and the middle of the summer.

They did release a bunch of new screenshots and a cool GIF for you to consider, and you’ll find all that in the gallery above. Yacht Club Games even announced that it’ll be hanging out at PAX East in booth #6224 with a playable build of Plague Knight’s campaign.

It’s no secret that the gaming team here at TechnoBuffalo really adored Shovel Knight. I personally own it on three platforms already. I’m about to snap it up on the PlayStation systems on April 21. They have my money, friends. They have, like, 5 times what they’ve asked for. This is a really good game.

Have you played Shovel Knight yet?