Great news for the indie scene keeps rolling in as another iconic title crosses the 1 million marker. The latest entry to the club is a highly worthy one in Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight. This stupendous little gem is a favorite around these parts, and we couldn’t be happier for the developers at Yacht Club Games. Congratulations on a well deserved achievement.

Number crunchers get a lot out of this news too as the company has released a dump truck worth of statistics on how it all breaks down. The two most dominant platforms for the game stack up as you might expect, with 32 percent of sales through Steam and 29 percent through yours truly’s preferred platform, the Nintendo 3DS. The Wii U also comes in strong with 17 percent, as it was one of the launch platforms for the game, and the PlayStation 4 also closes out with a respectable 10 percent.

Shovel Knight sales

Further stats break down the comparison between retailers, regions, and pretty much anything Yacht Club Games could possibly toss onto a pie chart. The official update has it all, so have at it if that’s your thing.

Instead, we’ll also look into a few interesting facts regarding Shovel Knight’s first major expansion, the well received Plague of Shadows. The first two facts should say it all.

  • We spent about 1 million dollars developing Plague of Shadows over the course of a year.
  • We made zero dollars selling Plague of Shadows. Whoops!

Oh my. Yacht Club Games also mentions how its members worked on several projects at once, needing to squeeze its development in the cracks, and that while the expansion has made the company zero money directly, it has boosted the main game’s sales to the point where it can claim to be profitable.

And let’s not forget that two more expansions are also on the way.

Shovel Knight amiibo

One last final bit of news comes from the amiibo, which has managed to sell 180,000 units since it first launched in January. Not bad at all, and I don’t even have one yet!

Yacht Club Games’ stat dump is loaded with great little facts, information, and tidbits of useless knowledge. Be sure to give it a glimpse, and also consider buying it if you have not yet done so. You’ll have a hard time finding more value on the indie market.