Yacht Club Games finally has a trailer for the Shovel Knight expansion Plague of Shadows that looks like a finished product. As we all know by now, the team is building on its original game with three new campaigns starring three of the opposing knights, and Plague Knight proved to be the most popular among the voters. He’s first and ready to go!

With that, our anti-hero can double jump and throw poisonous potions to sicken his rivals, giving Plague of Shadows a much more aerial feel than the main game. His adventure isn’t just a mere reskinning of Shovel Knight’s with a few new abilities. It’s a whole new world with new stages and puzzles to overcome, making one of the best games of the last five years ever better.

Seriously, Shovel Knight is the coolest game on Earth. Play it, then play the expansion!

The expansion has been finished, and Yacht Club Games submitted the game “to make sure it arrives on your system without a hitch.” We can expect to see it soon! Can’t wait! Then we’re off for King Knight, whom I think is next in line for his expansion quest. You gotta wonder if Yacht Club Games is sick of Shovel Knight yet. I’m sure not!