Yacht Club Games has issued version 3.0A for their outstanding Shovel Knight title. It brings a few key fixes to the title, including some bug squashing. It also adds some display options to the Nintendo Switch that bring that version of the game closer in line to what players have on other consoles.

Primarily, Shovel Knight now outputs at 1080p when docked on the Switch. Before the update, it was capped at 720p. Here’s the rub from Yacht Club, and it includes some other Switch changes.

Now outputs at a 1080p resolution while playing in docked mode!

Screen Scale video option is only applied and available while playing in docked mode.

Screen Scale menu now appears for the first time that the game is started while in TV mode.

Note: If your TV is not displaying the game’s full image we recommend adjusting your TV Settings from the System Settings menu — this way you’re set for all games in the future! Learn how to do so here.

Fix: Screen Scale / Brightness options not saving.

Still haven’t played Shovel Knight? Now’s the time.

I’ll contend that Yacht Club Games managed to make an incredible 2D action-platformer that calls back to the days of retro gaming perfectly. It’s hard, it’s fun and it’s unique.

If you don’t own Shovel Knight, get it. It’s available on every platform.