Yacht Club's highly anticipated indie game Shovel Knight has a new HD trailer ready to keep eager fans excited for its upcoming release.

Everything from level design, music, intense platforming and beautiful parallax side-scrolling make this look like the NES classic you've never played. Brilliant from beginning to end, and the release is not that far off.

In a post on Yacht Club's official Twitter page, the former WayFoward developers confirmed that the game will be sticking with its original Winter 2013 release estimation, making it one of the few Kickstarter games to ever do so. The secret to getting timely Kickstarter games is to always bet on the ones with Nintendo and Sony support. The pressure is on developers to get the product out rather than just a Steam release.

Backers are also currently voting for which of the game's villains they would most like to play as. Thanks to achieving all its stretch goals, Yacht Club is programming an additional three campaigns with the antagonists in the lead role. No telling who is winning as of yet, but I voted for Polar Knight, Mole Knight and Propeller Knight. I wish I could have picked four because King Knight looks like a lot of fun too.

Shovel Knight is being released for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Steam on all operating systems. I'm snagging the Wii U version. Which are you?