We recently had a chance to sit down and check out Shovel Knight for both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS (it will also launch on Steam, though a preview of that version was not available). If you’re not familiar with the title, Shovel Knight started as a Kickstarter and was successfully funded back in April.

The premise is rather simple: you’re a knight equipped with a shovel that’s used to bash the bad guys as you make your way to the end of each level. You can hop along by aiming your shovel down, which is also an option for eliminating foes in your path.

You’re tasked with collecting gems along the way, and as you progress through each level of the platform game you’ll be faced with the standard array of baddies that need their faces shoveled in.

Controls were super easy. While there’s a certain amount of skill required, we found it much easier to move through than another platformer we previewed, 1,001 Spikes. Along your quest, you’ll be faced with an array of obstacles, including fire balls, bats, wizards and other armored knights. You’ll also be able to earn achievements as you progress, though the company didn’t name any specifics on that front.

We died several times trying to beat a single level, but found the game addictive enough that we kept going back for another try. The title is the same across platforms, and Yacht Club Games told us that a free update with a new challenge mode is coming in the future.

Expect the game to launch soon for about $15 (the cost of the Kickstarter investment for Wii U/3DS).