Mega Man has long been known as being one of the giants of 8-bit soundtracks. Capcom composers really were able to dig deep within the machines and pull out some eternally amazing tunes for the original six games of the series.

One of those famed composers will now be joining Yacht Club Games on their quest to make Shovel Knight a reality.

Manami Matsumae acted as composer for the original Mega Man, but her influence can be heard in setting the tone for every subsequent game. Full soundtracks for a video game were unheard of at the time, and Matsumae broke the mold by giving each stage its own personality rather than relying on a single theme song.

Her work did not go unnoticed as she was brought back by Keiji Inafune to create a few tracks for Mega Man 10.

Shovel Knight is a retro action platformer designed to look like a classic 8-bit NES action game, so Matsumae's style should fit perfectly into the game, and she agrees as well.

"This is the first time I'm working on a Western game! It's quite exciting! Shovel Knight and I are a good fit. So… let's get shovelin'?"

Yacht Club Games currently has her set to compose two pieces in the game, but I would expect more if the stretch goals are ever reached. They are currently at $100,000, which is half of what is required to turn out a 4 Player Battle mode. Matsumae could possibly be brought back aboard to compose the battle mode songs if needed

Check out a classic tune and a more modern one as well here. You can see she hasn't lost her touch.