Best answer: If you're interested in making your home more connected, a smart power strip gives you a lot of options for multiple devices. The Monoprice STITCH power strip is the perfect example of a useful smart device to power your home.

What's the advantage of a power strip?

With a power strip like the Monoprice STITCH, you get all the advantages of multiple smart plugs with the added bonus of only taking up one of your main outlets. Each individual socket in the 4-port strip can be controlled individually from the Monoprice STITCH app.

A power strip like the Monoprice STITCH is an excellent way to make a lot of your house connected simply and easily.

Having a smart power strip allows you to control multiple devices from a single place. For example, I have a STITCH power strip connected to my son's desk lamp, computer, Xbox, and TV. If he falls asleep with all of the devices on — which happens a lot — I can turn off all of them except the TV and he can just have his Hulu playing him to sleep.

Can you connect them to Alexa?

Because the STITCH can also be controlled by both Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant, it can be turned off, or on, from anywhere thanks to voice activation. I've set up Alexa Routines all throughout my house so when I say "Alexa, Good Morning," the power strip now turns off my son's TV, turns on his desk lamp, and plays his favorite band — Twenty One Pilots— to help him wake up.

This kind of automation is extremely helpful in my day to day life, and when you have a centralized set of devices, being able to control them like this is extremely efficient. The STITCH even has two USB ports to help you keep your devices charged. Unfortunately, the USB ports aren't smart, which seems like a strange choice.

All in all, a power strip like the Monoprice STITCH is an excellent way to make a lot of your house connected simply and cheaply without having to buy multiple smart plugs. If you're hoping to make your house a truly connected home, then adding smart power strips is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Our pick

Monoprice STITCH smart power strip

Individually controllable outlets

Being able to turn multiple devices on and off remotely is incredibly helpful, and as we move into a more connected world, power strips like this will be a cheap way to link your house to the outside world.

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